Contemporary Romance

Katy Brooks is having a lousy day at work, but when a courier delivers a letter with news that her aunt has died and left her estate to her only niece, everything is about to change. Katy doesn’t remember much about her aunt, but traveling to another state to see about her inheritance can’t be that much trouble—or can it?

Noah Sanders is a small-town attorney with a big problem. He needs to convince Katy to accept some rather unusual terms written into her aunt’s will—terms that mean she will have to stay in Lilac Hills, much to Noah’s delight. He’s instantly smitten with the saucy city girl, but her deep dislike for lawyers is only one hurdle he’ll have to get past to win Katy’s heart. An even bigger obstacle is her aunt’s beloved dog, Jasper, and his frequent disappearances.

It’s going to take more than a mischievous collie and a little mistletoe to bring these two together, and a Christmas fundraiser that could save the local animal shelter from closing might be just the ticket.

The Christmas Collie is a sweet, wholesome love story with a few surprises thrown in.

Did you ever make a mistake you wish you could undo?

To the rest of the world, Jillian Logan is a beloved Oscar-winning actress, but to Evan Scott, she’s the one that got away.

Cast together in a surprise hit teen movie years earlier, their on-set romance blossomed into something more—something they thought would last forever. But fame can be an unrelenting burden, and life in the spotlight proved too much for the young lovers. Now, they have been brought together once again as co-stars in a potential blockbuster film about the Hollywood heyday of the 1930s. Older, wiser, and still mourning the loss of what they once had, Jillian and Evan attempt to put aside the hurts of the past and remain optimistic about their future.

From London to New York, Los Angeles to Toronto, One More Forever blends the past and present lives of two dynamic young celebrities seeking to reclaim the everlasting love they took for granted.